Sustainable Fashion

I believe in slow fashion, sustainability, minimalism and great design.

Here you can find one-of-a-kind organic clothing, unique and handmade fox scarves, and other lovely sustainable fashion designs — all made by me.

My wish is to focus on sustainable fashion and to use organic certified fabrics, that are vegan as well. Supporting fair trade and environment friendly fashion is the way to go.

We are all unique and that is great!

I believe the clothes you buy should be versatile and unique in your own way. Let them mix well with other “basic” items and have something interesting to tell. Wear it with confidence, often and combine it with simple pieces to look best as yourself.


One-of-a-kind, Sustainable Fashion

> Organic Clothing

I design organic clothing that is easy to wear and can be easily combined with basic items (like your favourite pair of jeans). The idea is to offer a wide range of ethical apparel made of eco-friendly fabrics, appropriate for many occasions. Minimal design makes each piece unique and special. Go eco-friendly now!

> Fox Scarf

Each warm fox scarf is one of a kind and handmade with love by myself. It is made from various mixes of fabrics and in the near future I want that ALL foxes are also from vegan friendly materials. They are available for stylish ladies as well as for kids.

> Custom clothing

Support custom clothing and turn your closet sweatshop-free! Get a custom-made wedding dress, ball gown, business suit, or a lovely dress for a first date.

How It’s Made

All products are designed and handmade by me in my little studio in Vienna, Austria. I take time and put a lot of effort in every piece of garment, because I want it to be perfect and last for years.

Here’s a funny story. I know a lady who wore her wedding dress on wedding anniversary 30 years later. It looks like time travel is possible 🙂 The dress looked perfect on her and she was totally rocking it! That is something.

The fabrics are being sourced locally – sometimes I make a quick trip to a shop in Trieste, Italy where I browse through a great selection of top quality textile. Plus, I can treat myself with an Italian espresso and some vitamin sea.

Skeletons of the Past

I’m very grateful that I had a chance to present my designs on fashion shows as part of the Fashion Week in London (A La Mode) and Berlin (Ramazzotti Runway Award).

However, doing at least two collections per year is a lot of work, which is often also not really appreciated. In addition, this approach is also very wasteful and non-ecological. Actually, the designers nowadays are creating four or even more collections per year, which is unreasonable and not sustainable at all. Not to mention exploitation of labour and poor working conditions. That’s not me.

When I changed my lifestyle, I started to pay more attention to my work and focus entirely on sustainable fashion design. Now, it makes me feel very proud, when I meet my customers, still wearing that t-shirt I made couple of years ago.