Faux Fox Scarf (Animal Friendly)

Probably I am not the only designer that makes the fox scarf, but I do believe my design is very simple, unique and easy to wear. It makes the outfit stand out, although it can be very discrete, too. The scarf is warm and made of very fine, high quality fabrics.

Of course the fox scarf is cruelty-free! 🙂 Many designs are made from vegan-friendly materials.

Each faux fox scarf is animal friendly, one of a kind, designed and handmade by myself.

The fox scarf is made from various mixes of fabrics and in the near future I want that ALL foxes are also from vegan friendly materials. I am planning to give even more focus on the selection of sustainable fabrics. The scarf needs low maintenance. It can be washed in a machine on low heat / gentle cycle and you can enjoy it for many years.

I still keep my first ever made fox. I believe we should really stop spending on fast fashion and be more unique in our own ways. Shop less and shop better quality is the way to go. The scarves are very affordable — very good value for the money.

Alja Slemensek - Fox Scarf - Black Scarf

Fox Scarf for Kids and Toddlers

Since becoming a mom, it became obvious that I also create a fox scarf for my little one and so that’s how it started. My son loves wearing his foxes for years now.

Last year I have created another very stylish version of the scarf, which is in a circle shape, so called infinity scarf. I have decided to make it from thinner fabrics (only vegan) for warmer days. The infinity scarf is very practical for active, playful kids as well. The scarf is easy to wear and will stay in place. It keeps the kids warm at the same time.