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Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It stands for good quality, clean environment, and fairness for both consumers and producers. I make every piece of garment on my own from the idea, design, to final finished product. That takes quite some time, but this is my passion, and I love it!

Honestly, I haven’t seen it always this way. When I started in fashion, I have created several women’s collections, normally two per year — one for Spring / Summer and another for Fall / Winter. This is usually expected from fashion designers and when you start fresh from college, no one really tells you that there are also other ways.

Years go by and you wonder where do all these clothes go? Luckily, I soon realised, that if I want to be a part of sustainable environment, I also need to slow down and adapt my way of work. I have focused on slow fashion and stopped creating fashion collections.

Nevertheless, here’s a glimpse of my previous fashion collections. Browse through graduate collection to collection for Berlin Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and more.

DAEDALUS AND ICARUS  / Pregraduate collection, Photography Luka Kaše

Alja Slemensek - Fashion Collection - Pregraduate

CAMOUFLAGE WITH CORSETS / Graduate collection, Photography Jaka Vinšek 

ONE NIGHT IN BERLIN / SS10 / Collection for Ramazzotti Runway Award, Berlin Fashion Week 2010, Photography Matjaž Očko

ORIGAMI WARRIOR / SS11, Photography Klemen Prepeluh

HEART IT / FW12 / London Fashion Week, “A LA MODE”, London 2011

FRESH DECO / SS13, Photography Johanna M. Frischerz / Cornelia M. Gregor (studio photos)

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